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Brian Maricle, Character Artist, Digital Sculptor, Modeler

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Frosty, game-rez software render of femme fatale in 9 Lives 'Til Midnight

modeled in 3ds Max at 5320 tris, detailed in ZBrush, textured in ZBrush, Photoshop, and Crazybump

  Frosty Concept

concept sketch, col-erase pencils and photoshop

Dress Details

details in ZBrush


Frosty DiffuseFrosty NormalFrosty Specular

Maps created at 2048 x 2048, sized to 512 x 512 for color maps and 256 x 256 for spec and normal in-game versions

in game screenshot:

Sonny and Frosty by Brian Maricle. Background character by Alex Toro.
Environments by Andrew Olson, Brian Maricle, and Gabriel Vasco.

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