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Brian Maricle, Character Artist, Digital Sculptor, Modeler



I currently work at EA Tiburon as a character modeler and am on the NBA Live team. I also have many side pursuits including 2 projects with newly formed Bam Pow Studios: a short film I am producing and directing there, plus art direction for an action RPG in conjunction with Ootii Games. In the past I have done contract work sculpting Dungeons and Dragons miniatures for GaleForce Nine, hard surface characters and vehicles for n-Space, and other freelance exploits. Before getting on with EA, I was at Crytek's first US-based studio, RealTime Immersive, otherwise known as the "seventh secret studo" where I was a character artist, a CryENGINE 3 instructor, and a training coordinator. I am a veteran with 8 years military service.

For the last 10 + years, I've been a 3d artist specializing in modeling and texturing. I have project management and outsource management experience. I have 8 years experience as a college instructor, teaching many aspects of game development plus other artistic and scholarly pursuits. While at Crytek's RTI studio, in addition to my character artist duties, I was teaching the art pipeline basics for the CryENGINE to RTI clients and CryENGINE liscensees such as Lockheed Martin.

When I manage to have some free time, I enjoy doing triathlons, playing games, doing tutorials, reading, rollerblading, swimming, water skiing, and relaxing at the beach.