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The Dismounted Soldier (and RTI's SDK Soldier.)
All images and media copyright Real Time Immersive, a Crytek studio. Reproduced with permission.


This video was created by Jesse and Justin Matos
and shows some of the great work done at RTI and features this soldier character.

African American head by unknown artist, scene built in game by Justin Matos

Hi Res ZBrush Sculpt by Brian Maricle.

In-game mesh, a showpiece by Brian Maricle (gloves, head, pouches)
and Justin Matos (figure, helmet, and body armor) and 17000 plus polys.
Textures by Brian Maricle (figure, head, pouches, gloves, body armor, etc.) and Justin Matos (helmet.)
Rigged by Justin Matos. Posed, rendered, and composited by Brian Maricle.

in CryEngine

Head tests in Cry Engine.


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